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Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions


Iron is lost from the body through sweat, shedding intestinal cells, and blood loss. About one third of the world’s population is iron deficient. Menstruating women are at greater risk than men and postmenopausal women of iron deficiency. It is thought that up to five per cent of the Australian population has iron deficiency anemia.

Iron is important because it helps transport oxygen around the body. Symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, weakness, headaches, dizziness and many more. 

Iron Infusions are a very effective way to manage low iron levels and consistent low iron levels in people who have not responded to traditional iron supplementation. Too much iron can be very dangerous so it is very important to speak to your doctor before supplementing your iron levels.

We offer iron infusions for patients that have been diagnosed with anemia. You should allow about one hour for the appointment. The cost is as per the below:

Initial Consultation with Doctor – $60.00 (rebate of $39.75 from Medicare) 

Iron infusion Consultation – $200 (rebate of $110.50 from Medicare)

Iron Infusion Products – $43.00 (no Medicare rebate)

You must have a consultation with the Doctor prior to having an infusion, to ensure you are suitable for it. This may mean you will be required to have a blood test to check your current Iron Levels. Iron infusions do carry risks such as staining and anaphylaxis. Please phone us on 5520 7777 for more information.