Miami Village Medical Practice

COVID Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Vaccinations are available at Miami Village Medical Practice. 


Miami Village Medical Practice has been named as a COVID 19 vaccination provider to administer both Astra Zeneca and Pfizer Comirnaty vaccines.


Where can I find information about the COVID-19 Rollout phase?
You can find more information here on the Australian Government Department of Health website – Information on COVID-19 Rollout phases.


Am I am eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Check to see if you are eligible here on the Vaccine Eligibility Checker.


How do I book my COVID-19 Vaccination with Miami Village Medical Practice?
At this time, you must be over 60 years of age to receive an Astra Zeneca vaccine. People aged 18-59 years of age are eligible to have the Pfizer vaccine.
If you wish to have either of the vaccines, please fill in this consent form below and bring to your appointment.



What if I am not a regular patient at Miami Village Medical Practice and my regular doctor can’t give me the COVID-19 Vaccine?
You are welcome to attend our Practice and receive the vaccine, however wait times are in place for new patients so that we can service our own patients too. If you have an urgent reason to be vaccinated, please speak with our reception team.
New patients will need to provide a Health Summary from your regular GP  to confirm your details and eligibility.


How many COVID-19 Vaccines do I need to have?
Each person will need to receive two doses of the vaccines to be immunized against COVID-19. Astra Zeneca vaccines are given 9-12 weeks apart and Pfizer vaccines are given 3 weeks apart.


Where can I find out more information regarding COVID-19?
You can find more information on the NSW Health FAQ page here.